Double-down on what you know, leave the rest to me!


“Change is the only Constant”


“My Creativity Knows No Boundries”


“Waking up as a Butterfly Today”


I'm Jason, a fellow Human on Planet Earth

Does anyone else find it strange that a Bio is a conversation about you with the little voice in your head? He can be very entertaining and he also likes to always put the best foot forward.

How does your voice put your best foot forward?

I’m curious, driven, happy, and always finding ways to help humans win. We have so much potential in the world, but are we taking full advantage of it?

Keep going – all the things I work on are just below. You’ll be surprised when I have just what you are looking for 😉

Let's Make Your Next Action Plan

Embracing my Jack-of-all-Trade's gift

When you rotate around the sun enough times, you naturally acquire more and more skills. When curiosity and passion explode in epic fashion, you get me, someone who doesn't sit still and wants to continue learning new skills. I'm passionate about a better future for everyone. I'll do what I must to get there. Join me on my mission?


For Domains, Web Hosting, & Email Hosting at competitive pricing to the big guys with better customer service, consider Third Eye Hosting – This is my company and I’ve been a hosting provider for over 10 years.

Zoom Admin & Virtual Event Manager – A new skill to add to the toolbox in the last year. I have worked with a handful of amazing companies and individuals helping to manage the technical aspects of virtual events. Notable a 300 person global event with 5 language interpreters over the course of 5 days (what a fun event!).


You have it in you to do anything you want!

While some days being a human is hard and at times you would disagree, when today leaves, you have all the opportunities in the world to start anew the next day.

Each of our journeys takes us far and wide – are you taking your awareness of the past to listen & learn while being present today to act & amplify?

Are you ready for your transformational journey?


Your relationship with food is one of the most important you have. My passion for food started at an early age and out of necessity – I was hungry. My parents encouraged and supported my interest and love of being in the kitchen.

This ultimately led to a degree in Culinary Arts and managing 100’s of events around the US.

Now I take my passion for cooking and work directly with clients to create memorable experiences or assist someone in transforming their relationship with food.


I’m passionate about a better future for everyone. That starts with educating for tomorrow.

ReVisionED is that company. We are data-driven educational solutions that meet the needs of each local community we serve. Your educational pathway must end with a career and job. Not debt and unemployed.

With all of the drastic changes happening in education, there is potential for radical change and a new way of looking forward to tomorrow’s economy through a student’s future success.


In a word - UNCONVENTIONAL - which in today's environment, you need someone on your side that pushes beyond what's perceived.


We’re all in this together. We’re also all stuck here on Earth at the moment.

Collaborations & Partnerships bring us all together to cross divides and make change happen.

How can we create change together?


Seriously. What else do you have in mind, no fun?!

In all seriousness, there’s no reason why a smile and some laughter can’t infiltrate any situation.

Laughter is seen as one of the best medicines out there, let’s capture its magic for positive change!

I know after getting this far you are ecstatic about having a conversation full of possibility. Let's get started!

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